Message from Director

Message from Director

Anup Karki
Anup Karki : Director

Epitome of excellence in the field of business and hospitality studies

Platinum Management College has been able to establish itself as an epitome of excellence in the field of business and hospitality studies by virtue of our unwavering commitment to world class quality education. Diversified and complex interests of the 21st century learners can be nurtured through meticulously designed dynamic curriculum and differentiated pedagogical approaches. We are aware that national frontiers are getting weaker owing to global forces and students, today, are the competitors of the global arena. We have created a truly congenial and conducive learning environment in our college so as to enable our students to scale the Everest in any field they choose.

We put utmost emphasis on cultivation of entrepreneurship in our students with a view to developing them into job creators. Our well managed skill labs have been operated to develop a wide range of professional skills in our students. Proposal development, report writing, professional presentation, public speaking, community mobilization, group work, public relations , data collection, data analysis and interpretation etc. are some of the skills focused by our skill labs. In other words our emphasis is on the development of practical caliber and competence. In order to ensure the sustainability of learning we have adopted research based approaches and ICT is an integral part of our system. Ethnographic studies, case studies, industrial researches, market surveys, banking researches, consumer behavior studies, action research, program monitoring and evaluation etc. are some of the types of researches regularly carried out by our students under the guidance of our research experts.

Today’s world is commercial world. Our BBA and BHM programs focus on the production of capable and competent professionals related to Banking, Business and Hospitality sectors. Our strong of connections with A level Banks and five star hotels provide ample opportunities and exposure to our students to connect classroom learning with real world and to understand the complex intersections between theories and practices.

The fruitfulness of our efforts has been vividly reflected by the national and international professional success of our students. Many of our products have been established as leading management and banking professionals in various corporate houses of the nation and the world and many of them are successful entrepreneurs.

Every student under the roof of Platinum Management College is our responsibility that we shoulder with full commitment and dedication. We remain the guides and guardians of our students throughout their academic and professional journey. I invite all the high aspiring students to be the members of our family and feel the difference.

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