About us


Platinum Management College affiliated to Pokhara University was established in 2009, offers education at an affordable cost.

The college is situated in the central location of Kathmandu, Nepal.

In current context, Pokhara University is one of the most preferred Universities of Nepal, which offers wide range of programs related with Management, Engineering, Health Sciences etc, and is also highly acknowledged by the universities abroad. Pokhara Universities Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) programs, offered by Platinum Management College has well crafted curriculum to match global standards.

Platinum Management College is managed by a group of professionals, academicians and educationists at the helms and has been undergoing continuous and timely restructuring and reengineering in the quality system process.

College aims to prepare students for prosperous careers and life envisioned learning. We are in a mission to provide our students with best possible learning experience by nurturing their personal growth at very supportive and friendly environment. We believe in learning continues beyond the classroom walls, which is supported by the facts of organization of numerous extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Hence, our students through experience of excellence in academic and personal front are groomed as globally competitive citizen.

College Infrastructure

Platinum Management College has two different separate buildings and other infrastructure for BBA and BHM programs with fully equipped kitchen, restaurant, mock-up room for BHM Practical as well as computer lab and library with sufficient contents for the students.

College also has free Wi-Fi facilities for students.

Why Platinum?

At Platinum, our main aim is to provide exposure to much more learning activities that goes beyond the classroom. We want to give our students the assurance of not only theoretical knowledge and practicals but also soft skills, through the following:

  • Orientation program
  • Workshops to correlate the course and real life applications
  • Guest lectures of professions and experts
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Event management
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Entrepreneurship development program
  • College Clubs (Social club, Sports club, Management club, etc)
  • Internship and placement opportunities
  • Managerial Skills training
  • Entrepreneurship development program
  • Corporate basis training
  • Implementation of practical tools (MS word, MS excel, Tally and etc)
  • Students wellbeing sessions

At Platinum, we have always viewed education as a basic human right which is why we firmly believe in "Quality education at an affordable cost". Our college fees are priced with this rationale in mind and as a means to support and motivate our students further, we currently have multiple scholarships schemes which will be given to students based on the following factors:

  • Remote Area
  • Academic Performance
  • ECA
  • Family Income
  • Extra curricular activities

We believe that success is all about taking the right steps and that dreams can always be achieved. If you are ready to pursue a professional career and explore a world of opportunities, Platinum is the right choice for you.

Teaching Pedagogies & Tools

The teaching methodologies incorporate a blend of classical as well as modern approaches. Some techniques commonly applied are class lectures, case studies, group discussions, project assignments, field visits, problem-solving exercises, guest lectures, and review of literatures mall project work and regular classroom presentations, demonstrations, and special talk programs will constitute a regular feature in the program. The overall focus of the program will be

  • Innovative Approach
  • Appreciative Inquiry Approach
  • Participatory and Collaborative Approach
  • Competitive Approach
Admission & Eligibility

Students holding

  • Intermediate of Higher Secondary Level (+2)
  • 'A' level, or
  • Equivalent as recognized by Pokhara University with minimum second division will be considered eligible to apply for the admission to BBA & BHM degree courses.

An applicant seeking admission to BBA & BHM courses must appear in an Entrance Examination of two hours duration conducted by the college. Students who clear the Entrance Examination will be called for an interview. Admission of the students will be based strictly on their merit and the enrolment capacity of the college.An applicant seeking admission to BBA & BHM courses must appear in an Entrance Examination of two hours duration conducted by the college. Students who clear the Entrance Examination will be called for an interview. Admission of the students will be based strictly on their merit and the enrolment capacity of the college.

Attendance Requirement

The students must attend every lecture, tutorial, seminar and practical classes. However, to accommodate for the late registration, sickness and other contingencies, the attendance requirement will be a minimum of 80% of the classes actually held, if the student is absent from the college for more than four weeks with permission of the academic director. His /her name will be removed from the college roll. Those who will not attend 80% of the total classes conducted will not be qualified for the Board Examination.

Evaluation System

The prominent features of the semester system are the process of continuous evaluation of a student's performance and flexibility to allow them to progress at a pace suited to their individual ability, subject to the regulation of credit requirements. The evaluation of the students will be in two categories:

1. Internally

By the concerned faculty member through:

  • Quizzes, tutorials, lab works, home assignments, class tests, class participation, term papers etc. Each faculty member will be given the responsibility to give individual care to the students with a view to enhance their inherent capabilities through impacting required theoretical knowledge and developing skills to comprehend, synthesize and implement effectively as per the need.
  • Three internal tests [including one send up exam] that will be conducted as specified by the academic calendar.
  • Monthly unit test will also be conducted to monitor and take corrective measures as required to enhance the performance level of the students.
1. Externally

By the office of the controller of examinations through semester-end-examination. The weightage modality of the internal and external evaluation shall be as follows