About Us

Who are We?

Platinum Management College(PMC), established in 2009, has been dedicated in higher education with the prime objective of providing quality and practical education at an affordable cost.The college has been established by a group of professionals, academics and educationist at the helms an has undergone a total resturcturing and reenginnering at the quality,system,process and teaching pedagogy.Currently the college is offering Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) ,in affiliation to Pokhara University.In near future the college is planning to run MBA,E-MBA and BCIS programs.


“Platinum Management College (PMC) will become a premier management college dedicated to craft innovative Nepalese methods of management to lead global business management practices."


“Platinum Management College(PMC) advance Nepalese method of management by carring out research. It attracts, educates and trains human capital for global leadership and encourage entrepreneurship development.”

Why Platinum

Platinum is one of the new leading management and hospitality college in Kathmandu affiliated to Pokhara University. We are blend of expert in the field of hospitality and management. We are continuously striving to provide high quality education professional training in hospitality and management, and connection across the globe. We believe that success is all about taking the right steps and that dream can always achieved. If you are ready to raise professional carrier and explore a world of opportunities chase your dream in Platinum.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

PMC’s BBA programme is affiliated to Pokhara University. It is a four year, eight semester and 126 credit hour course. It aims at producing competent and quality business management graduates with sound knowledge and skill relevant to modern organizations. The faculty and staff at PMC work in a way so that the students are competitive and provided with opportunities to enrich confidence and motivations on them to come to the solutions of the problems associated with the modern day corporate world.The programme offers unique opportunities for learning; contents teaching in the class rooms with practical illustrations and on- sight exposures to the on the state of the art of business organizations as well. It offers students tremendous opportuniti es for enabling their conceptual inputs and emphasizes on practical applications that familiarize the students with the overall functioning of organizations, their interactions with the business environment and challenges of doing business.

Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)

The Bachelor of Hotel Management program is designed for students who want to pursue careers within the hospitality industry and also to direct towards individuals with entrepreneurial flair, who possesses good commercial insight as well as the quality of being service-minded. There is a strong focus on professional skills, theory, and management skills. There is also an urgency placed upon developing a professional and hospitable attitude. This course covers wide range of areas in order to prepare participants for a future as hotel managers and entreperneur. The Bachelor of Hotel Management leads them how to successfully lead businesses in the international hospitality industry as managers and entrepreneurs.

Objectives of program
» To provide outstanding customer service and to work cooperatively with a variety of personality
types Develop effective time management and organizational skills.
» To be a capable human resources with full support in there placement in Nepal of foreign
» To make a ability of combination of theory and practice fit completely with our understanding
of training today.
» To develop student’s critical thinking and to refine their analytical problem solving and decision
making skill.
» To offer and instruct individual training with in the hospitality industry providing students with
opportunity to integrate their academic skills with substantive work experience.
» To Prepare students to start professional career in business, and public management at the
entry level managerial position.
» To Inculcate positive attitudes and practical skills essential for a socially responsible and
competent manager.
» To develop adequate foundation for higher studies in management and hospitality.


The teaching methodologies incorporate a blend of classical as well as modern approaches. Such techniques commonly applied are class lectures, case studies, group discussions, project assignments, field visits, problem solving exercises, guest lectures and review of literature small project work and regular classroom presentations, demonstrations and special talk programmes will constitute a regular feature in the programme.

The overall focus of the programme will be

» Innovative approach
» Appreciative inquiry approach
» Participatory and collaborative approach
» Competitive approach


The students holding Intermediate of Higher Secondary Level (+2), or ‘A’ level, or equivalent as recognized by Pokhara University with minimum second division will be considered eligible to apply for the admission to BBA & BHM degree course. An applicant seeking admission to BBA & BHM courses must appear in an Entrance Examination of two hours’ duration conducted by the college. The student who clears the Entrance Examination will be called for an interview. Admission of the students will be based strictly on their merit and the enrolment capacity of the college.


The students must attend every lecture, tutorial, seminar and practical classes. However, to accommodate for the late registration, sickness and other contingencies, the attendance requirement will be a minimum of 80% of the classes actually held, if the student is absent from the college for more than four weeks with permission of the academic director.His/her name will be removed from the college roll. Those who will not attend 80% of total classes conducted will not be qualified for the Board Examination.

Evaluation system

Prominent features of the semester system are the process of continuous evaluation of students’ performance and flexibility to allow them to progress at a pace suited to their individual ability, subject to the regulation of credit requirements. The evaluation of the students will be of two categories:

1. Internally by the concerned faculty member through quizzes, tutorials, lab works, home assignments, class tests, class participation, term papers etc. each faculty member will be given responsibility to give individual care to the students with a view to enhance their inherent capabilities through impacting required theoretical knowledge and developing skills to comprehend, synthesize and implement effectively as per the need. Three internal tests [including one send up exam] will be conducted as specified by the academic calendar. Monthly unit test also be conducted to monitor and take corrective measures as required to enhance the performance level of the students.

2. Externally by the office of the controller of examinations through semester-end-examination.

The final grade awarded to a students in a course is based on his/her consolidated performance in both internal and external evaluations.

Grading System

A student who has passed his/her two years of study will be graded on the basis of the four years’ average marks of CGPA as follows.

The performance of students is evaluated in terms of the following two indices:

1. The semester grade points average (SGPA) which is the grade point average for the semester and is given by:

SGPA=total honor points earnes in a semester/total number of credit hours taken in a semester.

2. The cummulative grade point average for all completed semester and is given by:

 CGPA=cumuumulative total number of credit hours taken.

Platinum Leadership Academy

 Platinum management college (PMC) prepare students to take challenges in business and management field. In order to harness their pratical skills PMC has its leadership academy

Activities of PMC leadership academy

Ø  Training

Ø  Business debates

Ø  Guest lecturers

Ø  Group discussion

Ø  Case studies

Ø  Research

Ø  Presentations

Platinum Management Clubs

With the objective of involving the students in various social and other co- curricular and extra- curricular activities, the college has established various clubs.

 Platinum Social Club:

As a management college. We feel our responsibility towards the society. In this connection, the club is organizing various social activities like blood donation, awareness campaign, and participation in various social programs.

 Platinum Environment Club:

The main objectives of the club is to create awareness about the environmental degradation and protect the environment, which can be handed over to the next generation.

 Platinum Entrepreneur Club:

The college focuses on developing and moulding the business visionary, entrepreneurial leaders who are the employment generators not employment seekers. In this connection, efforts are being made to create entrepreneurship among the students through coaching and involving them in entrepreneurial ventures.

 Platinum Sports and Events Club:

 This Club organizes the inter and intra college sports events, exhibitions , and festivals.