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Platinum Management College(PMC), established in 2009, has been dedicated in higher education with the prime objective of providing quality and practical education at an affordable cost.The college has been established by a group of professionals, academics and educationist at the helms an has undergone a total resturcturing and reenginnering at the quality,system,process and teaching pedagogy.Currently the college is offering Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) and Bachelor of Hotel Manage...


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  • 20 Mar

    Examination Form Open Notice for BBA 3rd,5th, 7th & retake student

    This is to notify all the students of BBA 3rd,5th & 7th semester that the Examination Form for t...

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  • 20 Mar

    Exam form notice for BBA & BHM 1st semester

    This is to notify all the students of BBA & BHM 1st semester that the Examination Form for these...

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  • 20 Mar

    Congratulation to the University Topper

    Congratulations to our university toppers and achievers for outstanding result in BBA 2nd , 4th and ...

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Upcoming Events

  • Semester End Examination

    Semester End Examination of BBA 1st to BBA 6th Semester

  • Pre-Board Examination

    Pre- board examination of 6th/4th&2nd

  • Board Examination

    Pokhara University Examination of Final year students

  • New Year 2074

    New Year 2074


Chase Your Dream With Platinum Management College.
Utshav ShresthaStudent (BBA 2nd Semester)
I am interested in business management PMC is way to my dream. I am harnessing my skills to take challanges of future.
Rashmi ManandharStudent (BBA 2nd Semester)
Life changing movement, when I came to Platinum.
Anjana BhujelStudent (BBA 4th Semester)
I have joined this college in 2015 [Fall] and choosing PMC is my best decision. I would like to welcome all the new comers in 1st semester.I hereby offer my best wishes to all the new students for persuing their dream. Hope you all new students feel proud to join this college and will persue your goal. “Life is not about getting good cards in hand, it’s all about playing well that you hold."
Rachana Maharjanstudent (BBA 4th Semester)
Today’s world of competition and globalization seeks excellence and protectionism. To meet this global demand and set on solo of gaining knowledge and education. The features of PMC are experienced, qualified and associate teachers, stimulating and supportive academic atmosphere. This college has been well recognized as one of the genuine insti tute where you can shape your dreams bett er.The atmosphere of the college is really inspiring and cooperati ve. Lastly,if you want your dream turn into a reality. I suggest you to be a part of “Plati num Management College”and feel proud to be a Plati numian.
pooja pokharelstudent (BBA 4th Semester)